Alessandra Nolli

20 years period in IT for the Oil industry, working for large organisations, Alessandra Nolli has built up a considerable experience in relationships with the different levels within those ones.Passionate about political science studies, which led me to dedicate my University path to it, I have an in depth knowledge of English, French and Spanish.

Having an open minded attitude towards new stimulus, I have managed to successfully integrate myself in large international environments, where I have had the opportunity to work with people from differing cultural background.I am a team player and give of my best when I can collaborate with team members to pursue common challenges.
My persuasive capability has enabled me to be effective in teamwork where my peers recognise im the attributes of a positive, extrovert and outgoing person.

Nolart Project led by her cousin Teresa arrived at the right time, offering to Alessandra the opportunity for a drastic change and measure herself towards new challanges with her usual energy and enthusiasm.