The discovery journey into creativity has always been thrilling for the Nolart team, a company that creates handcrafted jewelry with Italian design trademark.

We have put new eyes on and decided to start up a jewelry line with the view to attracting those people who are curious and willing to express their state of mind or their personality by wearing one of our jewels.

NolArt handmade jewels (rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, soutache creations, earrings, company gadgets, made of silver, gold, bronze, natural stones), combine easy adaptability  with  sophisticated details; artisanal manufacturing with very reasonable prices.
You can quickly order such quality jewels by contacting us and request personalized creations made to stand out and amaze; unique pieces of endless charm that you can add to your private collection; exquisite artisanship, fine design that is always in touch with your wishes and emotions.

Our small-scale company belongs to that category of artisans who lean across the workbench and raise their head just when their creation is complete, their eyes burning and their back soring; tired for the effort but passionate and satisfied, though.

Our “hand-made” works are a great example of “Made in Italy”, which inspires to tradition and explores new patterns by lost wax casting technique. It is the result of our ability in doing, telling stories through our experienced and calloused hands, that forge, get dirty, sweat and shape, until they deliver a fine and unique creation, which will get everyone exited.

We love promoting up-to-date but eternal creations; we are also enthusiastic of sharing our experience with anyone who is as passionate as we are and we firmly believe that creativity is CONTAGIUS and should be stimulated as much as possible.