Teresa Nolli

handmade in italy

Teresa Nolli

Teresa Nolli starts her creative work career as a passionate photographer, thanks to the background studies at the neapolitan institute of graphic arts. While expressing such skills in several fields.

Over the time she extends her interest for arts to other different areas, paying careful attention to details and colours of the XVII century sculptures and paintings. She says about them:

“When I observe them I get lost in their black bottom, whatching what is not there”

Her passion for hard stones, her studies and investigations allow her to be awarded in 2007 for “Modellation of the Wax for Artistic Jewellery and Microfusion” at the Rosa Canfora's Atelier in Florence.
Her expertise consists of several aspects, as she is stimulated to combine design, innovation and her personal style.
Her inspiration and creativity come from contemporary art forms and colours which has led her to make some real “micro-sculptures”, that recall those popular artists masterpieces.
Teresa’s attention to soft details has driven her form of art, that encloses conceptualism, materiality in order to give birth to an introspective but innovative design.

Teresa Nolli in laboratorioFrom nowadays arts she takes out a “delicate manual skill”, heritage from litographers and engravers. She melts them with her passions and integrates to her handcrafts, which she enhances through the use of gemstones, precious and semiprecious metals.
Geometrical shapes are Teresa’s preferred mean to ring-fence the techniques that she will use to give birth to her mind and soul feelings, which is what it takes to support her own projects and fulfil always new goals